Positioning SEM

The positioning SEM, of search engine marketing, consists of positioning a web page in search engines through sponsored links for which it is paid. Search engine advertising is much more visible than organic results, the more willing you are to pay per click, however, once you stop paying the web disappears from the search engines.

Unlike SEO positioning, SEM positioning does not require waiting to get results because practically from the first moment you arrive privileged positions in the search engines.

To optimize results, you can analyze data to see what works best. For example, there may be times when advertising works best, a low pay per click may be giving low visibility, a high salary per click does not end up being profitable, the keywords may not be appropriate, or there are some that work better, etc. Many things can be done so that SEM positioning works by spending less money.

The best-known SEM positioning advertising is through Google Adwords, the famous Google search engine advertising system, with ads that can be customized to the maximum (including budget) and an auction system that competes with other advertisers to appear on the site. Better position when someone is searching for the selected keywords.